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Who we are

Sylvie Laurendeau is the concept’s instigator. She has always been part of the world of arts. She worked as a graphic designer and art director for magazines, advertising agencies and as freelance. Her passion for colour and typography has naturally led her to develop this project.

In fact, the inspiration came with the birth of her daughters. Three beautiful girls; Gabrielle, Florence and Juliette. As soon as they were old enough to hold a pencil, they became in a sense her Muses.

She still remembers the first drawing of a Mister Potato Head that consisted of a simple circle with thin lines for the arms that her eldest had given her with pride, it was a very emotional and moving moment. Since a drawing often comes with its small story, she wrote it behind the small bit of paper to remember. Then framed it. Then painted the framework to complete it. Then came the idea of providing the girls with large mounted canvases and some tubes of acrylic paint. Primary colours; blue, red, yellow… in order to avoid the damages.

The first experience turns out relatively satisfactory but since the children have a pictorial organization of their own, there were large empty spaces. Various techniques succeed one another according to the age of the children. Then the idea of adding text in order to complete the painting makes its way slowly. Not only do all the animals of the house have their own paintings but other themes such as family, were added. Inspiration also came from tales, songs and anything else that comprised their everyday life.

When entering her house or her workshop, it is like walking into a large picture book! To see their everyday life thus illustrated is amazing : travel souvenirs, animals, imaginary characters or royal families hung on the walls and often accompanied with texts which set the drawings in their original context. Imagine how proud the girls are when they see their paintings thus exposed!

The enthusiastic reaction of her family and friends encourages Sylvie Laurendeau to develop this unique concept. Since most parents preciously keep their children’s drawings, she wishes to give them the possibility of seeing their children’s works of art transformed into true paintings for many imperishable memories!

Here is the dream and the raison d'être of artëkid!