Terms and conditions

Artëkid Design Inc. is an incorporated company according to the laws of the Quebec Province (Canada) and is the sole owner of this website; www.artekid.com.

In this page, the term, "website" means the website artekid.com and all the applications included.

The present agreement stipulates the conditions of access and use to the website. When you visit and use the website, you are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not accept these conditions, your only recourse of action is to cease the use of said website.

Registered trademarks

The content of this website is protected under the terms of law on copyright as a collection and/or a compilation within the meaning of the Canadian and foreign laws and their diffusion out of this website must have a written authorization from Artëkid Design Inc. You cannot copy, reproduce, download, post, diffuse or use the contents of this website other than for personal use. The total or partial reproduction of its contents (names, company names, logos, information, texts, images or other) is strictly prohibited without the authorization of Artëkid Design Inc.

Artëkid Design Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damages that may result from the reproduction or unauthorized use of information of this website.

Limited warranties

Artekid.com tries, by all the reasonable means, to ensure that the service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it is possible that the service is temporarily stopped for maintenance, upgrades and emergency repairs due to an equipment or communications failure which are out of its control. You acknowledge that Artëkid Design Inc cannot be held responsible for unspecified modifications, interruptions or discontinuities of the service or that the Web server is free of viruses. By using this website, you give up any legal recourse against Artëkid Design Inc. and you acknowledge that its use is at your own risk.

External links/ Hyperlinks

Artëkid Design Inc. is not responsible for the contents of websites hyperlinks placed on its website. The use of the hyperlinks, on this website, is only recommendations and is for demonstration purposes only.

Artëkid Design Inc. do not wish to be bound to any third party website which contains, posts or transmits information illicit, comminatory, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, blasphemous or indecent of any kind, including without limitation, any content constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, would give place to civil responsibility or would otherwise violate any laws or local, official, provincial, national or international regulations, which is likely to prejudice or interfere in the activities, businesses, credibility or integrity of Artëkid Design Inc. or which includes, posts or transmits any material or information of any kind which promotes racism, sectarianism, hatred or any form of physical abuse against any group or individual, which could be prejudicial to minors, which aims or promote the harassment of another person, provides material content of sexual or violent nature in which minors are exploited, gives instructions on illicit activities, including the manufacture or the purchase of illegal weapons; or which contains, posts or transmits some information, software or another material which infringes or transgresses the rights of others, including material which constitute an invasion of privacy or with the rights to protection of the personality, or which are protected by copyright, trademark or any other property right.


Artëkid Design Inc. will not pay any compensation related or attributable to the use of the website.

Artëkid Design Inc. is not responsible for any damage that may result from acts or gestures on the basis of information contained in this website or damage suffered as a result of disclosure of personal or confidential information which are transmitted over the Internet.

Subject to the applicable law, Artëkid Design Inc. and its leaders, administrators, employees, agents or their successors and having respective rights, could not in any case be held responsible for any damage, indirect or accessory of any kind, including without limitation, for any loss or damage of any nature or concerning a loss of business, loss of savings, loss of data and / or loss of profits or whatever is the cause, and whether or not based on a contract (including failure to an essential obligation), the civil responsibility (including negligence) or otherwise, in excess of one hundred Canadian dollars (100 $ CDN), even if Artëkid Design Inc. knew or should have known the possibility of such damages.


It is important and your responsibility to make sure that the image or drawing you wish to reproduce is copyright free. The drawings provided to you by a professional artist or were made available by Internet websites, magazines, books or any other sources are protected by copyright laws and cannot be reproduced by our company.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation of your contract with Artekid Design Inc (artekid.com) is possible within 7 days of date of the order form. You must notify us by e-mail (info@artekid.com). A confirmation of the said cancellation will be sent to you by Artekid Design Inc. to make sure we have officially received your request and then be able to refund the full amount on your credit / debit card.

Return Policy

Following the delivery of a damaged or defective product, it is your responsibility to inform us by email or telephone within 7 days following the delivery date. You must repack the art in its original box and we will make the arrangements to have it picked up by our delivery service (UPS) and we will replace it as soon as we receive it.


To obtain a refund, you must inform us by email or by telephone, at the latest 10 days after you have received the reproduction. You will have to put it back in its original box and send it back to us at your own expenses. We must receive it within 7 days of delivery. Upon reception of the package, we will refund your credit card or debit card.

Typographical error

If products are registered at an inaccurate price, because of a typographical error or of error in the information concerning the establishment of the price, Artëkid Design Inc., with absolute discretion, has the right at any time after the reception of your order, to refuse your order. If your credit / debit card has already been charged for the purchase of a product and your order is cancelled, Artëkid Design Inc. will credit you back this incorrect amount on your credit / debit card.


Payment may be made by one of the methods provided for this purpose (PAYPAL) in the process of purchasing online on our website. All prices are in Canadian dollars (CDN). You then confirm to be 18 years or older and a credit card holder or debit card holder. All transactions must be validated and authorized by the bank issuing the credit/debit card. In the event of refusal of payment from your bank, we will not process your order and you will be held responsible for non-compliance of contract. Email of confirmation of payment for the order will be sent to you when the payment is processed by the bank.

Personal information

If you proceed to purchase on another website lodged or placed in hyperlinks on this website, the information obtained during your visit of the third party website and the information which you transmit to them, like your credit card number and your personal information, are collected by that website and not by Artëkid Design Inc..

Taxes & customs clearance

Taxes will be added, if necessary, when ordering. Our customers living in the province of Quebec (Canada) will have to pay GST and QST. Canadians customers of the other provinces will be charged GST. HST will be added for the clients of the Maritimes Provinces. No tax will be applied when ordering from outside Canada (USA - Europe - Asia - Africa).

In certain cases, the customer will be responsible for the brokerage and duty fees requested by a third party.


Delivery costs are included and will appear on the invoice when ordering a product on the website. The product will be delivered within the time specified depending on the terms of shipping selected. Added costs could apply when choosing fast delivery.

Artekid Design Inc. cannot be held responsible for any time delay caused by UPS, the shipping company.


You free Artekid Design Inc. of all responsibilities concerning the exactitude of the color reproduction when printing although all necessary means will be use in orders to reproduce most accurately the original colors.


You free Artëkid Design Inc and its leaders, administrators, employees, suppliers, of all damages you can undergo and you agree not to enforce them against any claim arising from your purchase or use of products and services or goods of third party website that you have accessed through our website.

Applicable duty and competence

When you visit or use our website, you agree that all questions relating to your visit or use of the website and/or the contents are governed by the Quebec provincial and the Canadian laws, without regard to principles of conflict between laws. You agree and acknowledge the non-exclusive jurisdictions of the Federal Court of Canada and / or the Provincial courts of Quebec on these issues. You agree that the provisions of the United Nations Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods are not applicable.

Amendments of the terms and conditions

Artëkid Design Inc. reserves the right to modify its terms and conditions of use at any time and without notice. If there is a conflict between these terms and information included in other promotional material or material of any kind, these terms and conditions will always have precedence.

Artëkid Design Inc. is the owner and operator of this website, artekid.com. It is a company incorporated according to the laws in force in the Province of Quebec (Canada) and has its principal business located at 4121, Marlowe, Montreal (Quebec) H4A 3M3. All the contents of the website are protected by Canadian and International laws on trademarks.

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