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frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the most frequent questions asked. For any additional information don’t hesitate to contact us.

What kind of drawing can I have reproduced?

If you are able to take a digital picture of the artwork, we do the rest. All kinds of drawing and mediums are reproducible at the condition of being able to make a digital photograph of it. Whether it’s a pencil scribbling, gouache painting, pastels, felt-tip pen, a collage… In all cases, whether you order a stylized or an original reproduction, the picture of the drawing will be slightly retouched and reworked by our designers to optimize and prepare it for digital printing.

Can text be added on the painting?

Here’s a way to personalize even more the painting by situating it in the context in which it was created with only a phrase or a word. A name, a simple text added to the drawing can evoke many memories! For example: “My dog Popeye” or simply “Popeye”. Obviously the more text there is, smaller the image (drawing) on the painting will be. You must consider this when you provide us with the information.

Which reproduction size should I choose?

We offer the most popular and various sizes. They can create an interesting impact when placed in their intended room. Obviously, it would be wise to check if the format suits where you wish to hang it. Without promoting a format and since we are not used to see our kid’s artwork in such sizes, we can affirm that the larger artwork equals to the biggest effect!

When ordering, you will have the opportunity to indicate which way you wish the artwork to be printed: portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation. We can print up to 55 inches (140 cm) of width and almost unlimited length! If any other format, other than the one we suggest interest you, please contact us for a quote!

What are the production time and delivery?

If you choose “standard” shipping, you will receive your painting 10 to 14 days of your final approbation of the digital proof of the artwork. Or, if you choose “express” shipping your painting will be at your door 6 to 8 days after your final approbation of the digital proof. As soon as your order is dispatched, an e-mail will be sent to you with a tracking number to make the follow-up on the shipping process.

If however, you wish to receive your artwork even quicker please contact us and we’ll provide custom prices according to your request.

Could I see a proof before printing?

Be sure of it! No printing will be made before you have seen how your artwork has been lightly retouched or stylized according to the instructions you gave us when you ordered. We will send you a digital proof that you will have to approve. An email with a PDF file attached will be sent no later than one week after you completed your order.

This document allows you to see the new layout of your artwork. You will be then asked to reply to this email to approve it and thus allowing us to proceed with the printing. However, if you are not satisfied, you can request some modifications.

The prices include the creation 2 digital proofs. After which, if we have followed the design instructions and additional art working is required as a result of your changing requirements, then we reserve the right to make an additional charge of 80 $CDN per proof required for final approbation.

How to proceed to send you the photography of the drawing?

Through the simple online step-by-step order form, you will have the option to add and upload your JPG digital file of the artwork. Your digital picture should be 1000KB (= 1Mo) or more, to ensure an acceptable quality of reproduction. The image file name cannot have more than 7 characters. Do not include spaces, commas, ampersands, slashes, dashes or other symbols and the extension has to be “.jpg”.

We suggest that you use your child’s name. For example: Edward.jpg or Alex.jpg for Alexandra. Be assured that if the image file you provide us is inadequate or if any other problems occur, we will contact you.

How can I to be sure of the picture’s quality?

If you have doubts concerning the quality of the digital image of the artwork and before ordering, it is always possible to forward it to us by email and we will give you our professional advice of any correction needed.

Will the colors be the same as the original artwork?

Although all our efforts are put to reproduce the original colors most accurately, we cannot guarantee it since different monitors will produce different color tones, we feel that the overall colors will be 90% accurate. We work with a graphic software so we can assure you that there will be no “pixelization” effect (staircase effect) no matter what final printed format you choose. Thanks to our unique process of printing, we can assure you that the colors will preserve their brightness and saturation.

How durable and solid are the canvases?

Our digital printing process on an artist-quality grade canvas called “giglée” offers a long-term protection and does not require any additional protective varnish. Compare to other traditional methods, this way of printing offers additional protection. The UV inks penetrate and seal itself into the canvas. The inks will not crack or flake. This technique offers an exceptional longevity for the preservation of the colors.

You can hang your paintings in places such as in the kitchen or the bathroom! Of course, it mustn’t be constantly damp. Avoid sprinkling water on the canvas so that the framework (wooden frame) won’t distort.

We do not recommend the use of any domestic cleaning product on the artwork. Simply wipe it down with a dry cloth. Thus maintained, the painting will remain hard-wearing.

How is the painting presented?

Once the canvas is printed according to the technique described above, it is then stretched and stapled to the back of the wooden framework. These stretcher bars are custom made out of very solid wood to the desired format and is 1 3/4 inches (4,44 cm) thick.

If the printing requires a background color, this color would continue on the sides of the painting offering a professional finish. Moreover, according to certain sizes, some cross-pieces will be fixed at the back so that the canvas doesn’t warp. The painting is packed with great care for shipping and we can assure you that it will arrive, at your destination, in perfect condition. You just have to hang it on the wall! Please take note that it is preferable not to install the painting directly near or above a heat source.

What about copyright?

You can be sure that there will be no other copy of your drawing other than the one you ordered. On the other hand, it is important to make sure that the drawings which you wish to make reproduce are copyright free. The drawings which were provided by a professional artist or made accessible through websites, magazines, books or other resources are protected by copyright laws and will not be reproduced by

How are the paintings packed for shipping?

We package all our canvases with exceptional care protecting every part of it with plastics, corner protectors, bubble air wrap which is then placed in a suitable size box. We can ensure you that it will arrive at destination in perfect condition.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We are so sure that you are going to love your artëkid artwork that we will provide a full refund if you are not fully satisfied. Within 10 days after receiving your artwork, if you are not completely satisfied, send us an e-mail or phone us. You will be asked to put it back in its original box and send it back to us. Upon receiving the artwork, we will credit you the full amount of the artwork. We feel confident that you will be very satisfied because all the steps will have been taken to reach your satisfaction!

Can I send a painting as a gift to another address?

Of course! Here is a unique opportunity to surprise, per example, the grandparents, the godmother and godfather, the ant and uncle, good friends!

During the ordering process, it will be asked whether you wish to send the painting at a different address than the invoice.

Plus you will be able to send a special message with the final artwork.

If later, I wish another reproduction of the same painting, how much will it cost?

We keep all the digital files of our clients for one year. If within this time, you wish to reorder the same canvas, it is clear that we do not charge the same price as the digital file is already prepared for printing. In this case, we\'ll provide a price on request.

What happens if, despite every caution taken, a problem occurs during delivery?

If any of our products are damaged when you receive it, please e-mail or call us. We will request that you repack it similar to the way you received it. We will then have UPS pick it up within a few days, and we will replace it as soon as we receive it. There will be no additional charges associated and we appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Transit damages are very uncommon.

Do I have to pay sales taxes on the purchase of my artwork?

The taxes will be added, if applicable, when ordering. Our customers living in the province of Quebec (Canada) will have to pay GST and QST. Canadians customers of the other provinces will be charged GST. HST will be added for the clients of the Maritimes Provinces. No tax applied when the ordering from outside Canada (USA - Europe - Asia - Africa).

What about delivery and customs clearance?

Delivery costs are included and will appear on the invoice when ordering a product on Brokerage fees are also included in the delivery cost.

In certain cases, duty fees are the responsibility of the customer. On the other hand, we cannot be held responsible for time delays caused by the shipping company.

How secure is it to pay online?

You can make your transaction with confidence, through PAYPAL which offers one of the most secure sites.

You will have the possibility to pay from your PAYPAL account (credit card or debit) or by credit card (Visa - Master Card-American Express, etc.). PAYPAL assures a maximum of safety since all information you provide to them is encrypted in their data base. This means that it is impossible, for anyone, to bypass their security system and steal your personal information. You will notice during the transaction on the PAYPAL site, that it is a safe and secured web site, since its address starts with a “https” and not only with the usual “http”. You will notice a little padlock on the lower right hand side of your screen which confirms that the site is safe to make transactions with. If you do not feel comfortable entering your credit card information on-line, please contact us and we we can then use another payment method. We will not begin work until we receive payment.

What happens to my personal information transmitted to

Obviously we need certain personal information to complete the order and create your personal file. We guarantee that we will not give or sale or make available your information to any third party. However, if you require us to remove your personal information from our data base, please write and request that we do so. For more information on this subject please consult our Privacy policy.

What about your terms and conditions?

Of course, as a secure transactional site, we have our Terms and conditions charter that you can consult.

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