Gallery wrapped

Strenght and durability

Our digital printing process called "giclée" gives colour and higher quality printings compared to the traditional printing process. It also provides additional protection since UV inks penetrate and seal the canvas. Many international museums and art galleries (MoMA, British Museum, Louvres) now use this kind of printing for the reproduction of works of art.

Regardless of the format, printed canvases do not require any additional varnish and offer exceptional durability.


Once the canvas is printed with the technique described above, the canvas is then stretched, stapled to the back, "gallery wrap" style on a stretcher frame. This stretcher frame, tailor-made to the desired size is made of dry and solid wood of 1 3/4 inches (4.5 cm) thick.

If printing requires a background colour, that colour will be found on the sides of the artwork offering an impeccable finish. Moreover, according to the formats, cross-pieces are set at the rear to prevent a distortion of the artwork. You just have to hang it on the wall and admire your kid's artwork!